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I'm a Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist, & I have been performing as a subway busker since November 2012.

Music has been such a big joy in my life, so much so, that there hasn't been a day in my life where music wasn't on my mind. 

My full length album “Subway Standards 1” was released in December 2022. My first EP “Nightmare” was released in March 2021. Both Subway Standards 1 & Nightmare can be streamed on Itunes/Apple music, Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music, and most major music streaming sites. Nightmare can also be purchased here on my website as well under my Discography page. 

I am available for booking to perform at your event or establishment! I perform at any and all types of functions & events with a cover setlist of over 500 songs!

Until then, if you see a man in black clothing playing Rock, Folk, Punk, Country & Blues songs, it's probably me! If you enjoy my work, take a listen to my music & follow my social media!



 I would love to perform at your next live event. 


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