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 I am a Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist based in New York City. I regularly perform, or busk, on the Subway & PATH train. I have busked the span of New York City from Far Rockaway, Jamaica & Long Island all the way to Newark, New Jersey. I also perform for any & all types of functions & events. I have a setlist of over 500 cover songs & over 50 original songs.

My debut EP Nightmare was released in March 2021. My first full length album Subway Standards 1 was released in December 2022. These can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, YouTube Music, & all other streaming sites.

My influences include the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Oasis, Liam Gallagher, Green Day, Jim Croce, Neil Young, the Smiths, Johnny Marr, John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Jack White, U2, Boston, My Chemical Romance, Muddy Waters, and many more.

When I'm not performing, I'm a full time student at City College of New York working on a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in History. I will most likely graduate sometime in 2024-5. Once I've got my diploma, I plan to work in one of the fields of History, Politics, Policy, Journalism or Political Commentary in addition to my work as a musician.
I'm also a licensed Notary Public for the State of New York and Title Closer.
(I am NOT an attorney licensed to practice law and cannot give legal advise of any kind.)

Disclosure to those who interact with me: Im Autistic. I have difficulties interacting in social settings. So if I seem rude, creepy, uptight, stiff, or seem like an asshole or jerk, please bear in mind that this is not intentional, that I simply cannot read the situation as other people can. I try to be as sweet, kind and polite as possible and treat every person with decency and respect.

I'm also a very reclusive and reserved person, though I can be incredibly outgoing. 

Annette Elaine Turner  A"h

Feb 6th 1964 - June 8th, 2018


This website is dedicated to my late mother, Annette Elaine Turner A"h, who passed away on June 8th, 2018 after a year long health struggle.

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