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Lyrics for Nightmare

Let It Be 


You might as well

Take a chance on this moment

You might as well

Do what you can and own it

With all the time you've got 


You might as well

Do the best you can

You might as well

Spill the hatred from your hand

Don't take it way to far 



Well you may want to win

But there's one fool you cannot cheat

You may be big and bad

But there's one fool you never beat

Death always wins

So cast aside your zealotry

Understand, this ain't your land,

Blood is the oldest fertilizer

in history

So let it be 


You might as well

Blow off all your steam

You might as well

Enjoy just what you eat

See what your love can be 


You might as well

Let your agenda go

You might as well

Cast aside your mind to roam

See where your life will go 

Valerie's Letter 


Trade my name for a number

Get it tattooed on my arm

No longer have identity

I'm a victim of conspiracy 


I wake up in a dark room

With a bullet to my head

I only got doom and gloom

Very soon I will be dead

I feel the whip on my back

The injection in my spine

No one will see me again

Nevermore to see the sunlight 



I know I'm gonna die here

Its too late, it's too late

And I've got nothing left to give

Left to say, gone away

I hope this letter keeps you alive

while you fight

And when the music dies

Just keep yourself alive 


There's nothing left to fear

When death stares you in the face

And there's nothing left to lose

You've been expelled

from the human race

The visage of your life

Flashes before your eyes

No chance to survive

This is where you're gonna die 


I wake up in a dark room

With a bullet to my head

I only got doom and gloom

Very soon I will be dead 



I've been running all of my life

From something trying to 

kill the light

I know I must keep fighting 

and running along

Until the darkness will fall 


I can see them chasing 

and shooting at me

They March to the rhythmic beat

They want to force me, conformity

All I want is sweet relief 


False promises, sweet like candy

They say they'll end my suffering

I've faced that kind of obvious 

trap before

And I just can't take no more 


Life on the run, it ain't no fun

I've been running til 

my heart went numb

To be who I am is not a crime to me

But these guys enforce 

and infringe on my liberty 


Who knows if I'll ever escape

My problems aren't going away

I don't know if this is a nightmare 

or some kind of dream

But I'll be running until I am free 

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