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Regular Performance Rate:

  • Minimum performance fee: $100

  • Hourly rate: $100 an hour

  • Formal attire: $50

(Formal attire includes suit, tie, black suit or tuxedo. Regular attire is turtleneck and coat in cold weather, button down shirt and blazer during the summer. Most of my attire is black, I also wear red. Formal attire will include a white shirt and/or black tie formal as an option. Formal attire also includes the usage of an Archtop guitar, which is more visually elegant)

  • Custom songs not on setlist: $10 per new song

  • Acoustic performances longer than 2 hours: $100 fee

(Acoustic performances require more vocal effort than amplified performances. Vocal use for more than 2 hours straight puts great strain on vocal cords and singers need to take care not to lose their voice. If a singer has to sing for more than 2 hours straight, they often have to take time off from work to rest their voices. This $100 fee ensures that if I lose my voice, I may take the necessary time off to recover. Amplification is preferred and is offered in the base rate.)

Song Commission Rate:

$300 per song

Studio Recording Rate:

$100 per hour

Wedding Rates

Weddings automatically include formal dress and elegant visual.

  • Minimum rate: $500 for each performance at Cocktail hour, marriage ceremony,  or dinner. 

  • Rate for both cocktail hour and ceremony: $900

  • Rate for cocktail, ceremony and dinner: $1200

  • For 2 non consecutive sections which require me to wait for the next section, the rate for each section is $500*


Fully acoustic performance fee: $200

Rate for full wedding performance including dancing:


(Because providing dancing music for a wedding is very difficult for a singer/guitarist to provide, I have to charge more to account for the preparation and energy required to provide dancing music.I may also need to hire a band or practice with a band already hired.

Please note: it is not recommended to hire me to perform music for dancing. A DJ is far more practical and appropriate for wedding dancing. If you hire me for dancing music, I have to charge a larger amount to account for increase of labor requirements in addition to the possibility of hiring a band to accompany me or to practice with a wedding band already hired. 

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